The Root Canal Therapy Procedure

The root canal is the area in the center of a tooth where the pulp is located. The pulp consists of the nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissues of the tooth. If you are experiencing any of the following, you may have a damaged root canal in Amherst, New Hampshire:... Read more »

Choose a Dental Bridge

If you are missing one or more permanent teeth, one of your options may be a dental bridge to restore your smile. A dental bridge is made up of a replacement tooth or teeth (to fill the space) and a dental crown on either side. The crowns are placed on the... Read more »

The Protection of Dental Sealants

If you would like extra protection from cavities ask our dentists about dental sealants. Sealants are a thin material that is painted over the chewing surfaces of the back teeth.  If you look closely at the surface of those molars you'll see what we call "pits and fissures"or hollows and... Read more »

Oral Cancer: Questions Answered

What is oral cancer? Cancer is the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells that invade the surrounding tissue and cause damage.  Oral cancer can occur in the tongue, lips, floor of the mouth, cheeks, sinuses, hard and soft palate, and throat.  Like other cancers, oral cancer can be life-threatening if not... Read more »

The Danger in Your Grocery Cart

The acid sugar bath that leads to tooth erosion In our quest to eat right and become healthier there may be a hidden danger in our grocery cart - juice.  It’s not just the amount of sugar, but the acidity of most juice drinks and their severely damaging effect on your teeth... Read more »

Fixing Bad Breath

As a working adult, having fresh breath is a must in any professional situation. Bad breath can get in the way of making a great first impression, which isn’t what you want in the business world. Not to mention that bad breath can make social situations less "social". If you'd like... Read more »

Veneers Are a Fantastic Way to Improve Your Smile

Do you or someone you know have a chipped, cracked, decayed, or discolored tooth? Have no fear; get a veneer!   What is a veneer? It’s a thin layer of porcelain that is made to fit on top of your tooth, like a false fingernail on a nail.   How... Read more »

Mouth Guards for Athletes

Athletic activities and playing sports are great ways to spend your time - learning physical and mental skills, developing sportsmanship and teamwork, and creating life-long healthy habits. However, one habit that many athletes forget is protecting their oral health. We’d like to share a tip that our team at New... Read more »

Wisdom Teeth: When to Consider Extraction

You probably know that your wisdom teeth usually erupt after all of your other teeth, generally between the ages of sixteen and twenty years old. Since your wisdom teeth are the last to come in, there often isn’t enough room for them to erupt properly. This can lead to a... Read more »

Remove Surface Stains from Your Smile

A yellow smile that has been dulled by dark foods and beverages or occasional tobacco use can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance. One way to prevent this from happening is to remove surface stains from your teeth by using dental whitening strips. The clear, plastic strips have been... Read more »