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Our dentists offer dental implants to replace your missing teeth from root to crown and provide you with a highly stable, long-lasting solution for your smile. When you receive a dental implant at New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, our skilled dental professionals work closely together to ensure that you receive the best treatment possible. Your implant post will be placed by our experienced periodontist, while another dentist creates your implant restoration to cap the post and complete your treatment. To schedule your consultation and learn if implant dentistry in Amherst, New Hampshire, is right for you, please call our office today at 603-672-6546.

Dental implants restore the natural appearance and function of missing teeth, improving your quality of life so that you can chew and speak normally, and resolving the joint pain and bite problems that occur as a result of tooth loss. Other benefits of dental implants include:

  • Aesthetics – implants look and feel like your natural teeth
  • Function – speaking and eating is comfortable and natural
  • Less Invasive – your adjacent teeth are unaffected by your treatment
  • Health – Implants bond directly to your bone structure, stimulating the bone to stay healthy
  • Reliability – Implants have a success rate of over 97%!

The implant process typically takes 3-6 months to complete. After your initial evaluation, the implant site will be prepared, and our periodontist will place your implant post. Several months of time will be allowed for proper healing and for the implant post to integrate with the bone. An implant restoration, such as a crown, bridge, or denture, will be created and placed atop the post. Our team will be with you every step of the way during your treatment to provide you with complete instructions and answer your questions.

With proper maintenance and regular dental care, your implants can last a lifetime. Dental implants are extremely strong, stable, and durable, and when you practice good oral hygiene, healthy eating habits, and keep your regular dental appointments, maintaining your implants is easy.

For more information about dental implants and to make your appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today.

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