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If you are looking for a warm and caring place for your child to have great dental experiences, you’ve found the place. Caring for children is about prevention and has always been an important part of our practice—one that we greatly enjoy! You’ll find your child’s dentist and hygienist to be very patient and relaxed, always willing to take the time your child needs to “settle in” at each dentist visit. We work hard to make sure your child’s first dentist experiences and every visit to our office are the best ever. Please call us today at 603-672-6546 to learn more about children’s dentistry in Amherst, New Hampshire, and schedule your child’s appointment at New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry!

Even though people think of “baby” teeth as being temporary, they have an important function in your child’s life. Teeth aid in chewing and digestion and help maintain good nutrition. They also help in speech development. Additionally, as your child’s jaw bone develops, baby teeth hold places and spaces for the permanent teeth to come in correctly.

Prevention starts early! We love to see children around their first birthday. Each visit is an opportunity for your child to get comfortable with the office and our team. Each time, if it’s comfortable, they can take a ride in the dental chair and go on a “tour” of their mouth by looking in the mirror and counting their teeth—all fun ways to help calm any anxiety about a visit to the dentist. They’ll even leave with a smile photo for the refrigerator and, of course, a treasure from our “treasure chest.”

To help engage, teach, and encourage self-care for your child, we use a “self-prophy” model of learning. Your child will have fun as we guide them in choosing the right dental aid/toothbrush for them and experiment with seeing which ones work best. They’ll learn skills for healthy brushing and oral care that will make a positive difference when they go home. Once they’re done with their “self-prophy,” we’ll complete the cleaning and do the final polishing. If X-rays would be beneficial to see between the teeth and below the gums, you and your child will see them instantly on the computer screen. To help reduce the incidence of cavities and make teeth stronger, fluoride will be painted on each tooth.

We do all of this to help your child develop the awareness and skills in managing their own oral health care. By focusing on prevention and engaging children and parents, it’s possible that more children can enter adulthood with as few cavities as possible and the skills for good health that can last them a lifetime.

Give us a call today if you would like to make an appointment for your child and learn more about children’s dentistry!

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