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Oral cancer is one of the most curable diseases when it’s caught early. The sad thing is, it’s often not. An oral cancer exam is quick and painless. A few minutes can go a long way toward helping ensure a long and healthy life. At New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, we can help in identifying pre-cancerous and cancerous abnormalities of the mouth. Call us today to learn more about the benefits of oral cancer screening in Amherst, New Hampshire, and schedule your appointment with our caring dentists.

Oral cancer can start in the cheek lining, gum tissue, lip, tongue, or hard or soft palate. It often goes unnoticed as a small white or red spot.

Signs you can look for include:

  • A sore that does not heal, or bleeds easily
  • Discolored oral tissue
  • A bump, rough spot, thickening, or ulceration
  • Mouth or lip pain, tenderness, or numbness
  • Pain, tenderness, or numbness anywhere in the mouth or on the lips
  • Difficulty chewing, swallowing, speaking, or moving the jaw or tongue
  • A change in the way your teeth fit together

Each exam provided at New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry includes an oral cancer screening. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule your next dental exam with our dentists and hygienists.

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