New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry is a unique dental practice featuring multiple specialties and services all under one roof, including cosmetic and general dentistry, endodontics, implant dentistry, periodontics, extractions, dentures, and sedation dentistry. Since 1990, we have provided patients of all ages with quality dental care in Amherst, New Hampshire, and to residents of surrounding areas, including Bedford, Londonderry, and Windham, New Hampshire.

Ours is a patient-focused and relationship-based practice, meaning that everything we do is based on really getting to know you, what you value, what you want for an end result, and how you want to get there. You are in control of your treatments because, after all, it’s your health and your body. It should always be your choice and your decision. What we are here for is to give you the knowledge, support, and options that will help you make good choices for yourself. We are invested in your good health and wellness.

What we have created here is our own response to how we would like to see healthcare in this world. You are never just a “mouth” or an impersonal treatment to be done. We love having a relationship with each of our patients, knowing them as people first and patients second. When you visit our office, you will find that to we allow more time for your appointments so that your experience here will never feel like an assembly line.

All of this happens by creating a two-way partnership based on mutual respect, trust, and appreciation. We look forward to creating that with you and with your family members and friends. We say that because word-of-mouth and patient referrals are our highest source of new patients. That fact gives us great satisfaction and tells us that we’re doing something right in changing the way people view dentists, dentistry, and healthcare.

If you’re ready to see how we can help you, please contact us at 603-672-6546 today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Hajra Sheikh, Dr. Usman Javed, Dr. Kenneth Edwards, Dr. Lucas Patrick, and Dr. Luz Marina Jutras. We look forward to caring for you and your family!