Improve Your Smile With Veneers

What Are Dental Veneers? If you are self-conscious or ashamed of your smile, our dentists may recommend veneers. These custom-made, thin shells of tooth-colored material are bonded to the front of the teeth to improve their appearance.   When Are They Used? Veneers can be used to close gaps and... Read more »

Choose a Mouth Guard to Protect Your Smile

If you or your child play a sport, our dentist may recommend a mouth guard.   What Are Mouth Guards? A sports mouth guard is worn over the teeth to protect the teeth and soft tissues from blows to the face and head. A mouth guard typically covers the upper... Read more »

Eliminating Bad Breath

Having bad breath can hinder your self-esteem and confidence. If you suffer from bad breath, which is also called halitosis, there are several things you can do at home to reduce or eliminate it.   Brush & Floss To help ward off bad breath, make sure that you brush your... Read more »

Dental Anxiety & the Solution

Do you feel stressed, nervous, or even anxious leading up to or during dental visits? You are not alone! Many people feel some degree of dental anxiety. Some are so nervous that they even avoid going to the dentist altogether. Here at New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, our dentists... Read more »

Restore Your Smile With Dentures

When a patient is missing most or all of their permanent teeth, our dentists may recommend dentures in Amherst, New Hampshire. These removable dental restorations can allow you to speak, smile, and eat properly again.   What Are Dentures? Dentures are dental restorations that replace all of your missing teeth.... Read more »

What You Should Know About Dental Fillings

What is a dental filling? A dental filling is a dental restoration that can repair a tooth that has decay. The filling will restore the tooth’s proper shape and function. Our dentists will remove the decayed area of the tooth and then fill the area with the dental filling material.... Read more »

Is Dental Bonding Right for My Smile?

Dental bonding is the process our dentists use to attach materials directly to a tooth to improve the color or shape. The tooth enamel is fused with the bonding material, which may be porcelain or resin, to create a strong restoration that feels like your original tooth.   When is... Read more »

How Invisalign® Can Help Your Smile

Malocclusion is defined as crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. Many adults have long wanted to have straighter teeth. They may be hesitant to straighten their teeth because metal braces would mar the beauty of their smile. If this sounds familiar, ask our dentists about how Invisalign® in Amherst, New... Read more »

Smile With a Dental Crown

What is a dental crown? If one of your teeth is damaged or decayed, our dentists may recommend a dental crown in Amherst, New Hampshire. A dental crown, which is tooth shaped, is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. When cemented in place, the... Read more »

Your Regular Dental Checkup

Having regular dental appointments is important for your oral health. While most people benefit from a checkup at least twice a year, depending on your level of oral health, more frequent checkups may help control or prevent gum or tooth disease. During your appointment, you and your dentist will look... Read more »