Restore Your Smile With Dentures

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When a patient is missing most or all of their permanent teeth, our dentists may recommend dentures in Amherst, New Hampshire. These removable dental restorations can allow you to speak, smile, and eat properly again.   What Are Dentures? Dentures are dental restorations that replace all of your missing teeth.... Read more »

Tips You Need to Know About Denture Cleaners

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Did you know it’s important for you to clean your denture each and every day? Well, it’s true. Your dentures can harbor food particles, plaque and bacteria which are all substances that can alter your oral health and impact your appliance. Cleaning your dentures effectively is important so here are a few tips... Read more »

5 Denture Options To Replace Missing Teeth

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As dental professionals we are here to help you to maintain healthy teeth throughout your life. But if tooth loss occurs, you still have options to replace your missing teeth. Different types of dentures serve different purposes. Here are five choices for replacing your teeth after extraction. Immediate full dentures... Read more »

7 Tips for Denture Care

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If you wear dentures, knowing how to best care for and maintain them is important. Review the following 7 tips for denture care to help you keep them looking, fitting and feeling just right. Before you remove your dentures, consider filling the sink with water so that they will not... Read more »

When Is It Time For New Dentures?

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Is It Time For You to Get New Dentures? If you wear dentures in the twenty-first century, you can be thankful that it isn't 700BC. Back then, if you lost your teeth due to injury, tooth decay, or periodontal disease you were likely to get a new set of dentures... Read more »