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If you or one of your family members is a denture-wearer (upper and lower), it’s still important to have an oral health exam every year at minimum; an exam every six months is even more effective. Many denture patients “disappear” after receiving their dentures thinking they’ll never need a dentist again. But maintaining gum and tissue health is still important for your mouth and overall health.

During your denture exam the dentist will examine your gums, tongue and entire oral cavity for signs of problems that may not be apparent when you look at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Abnormal changes in your tissues, if detected early, can lead to intervention that could prevent more serious problems in the future.

Your dentist will also check your denture for fit and comfort and look for signs of wear. Denture fit can slowly change over time as the shape of your gums and bones change. Many times adjustments can be made by your dentist in the office to make wearing your denture more comfortable. Be aware that denture adjustments should only be done by a dentist – dentures have been ruined by patients trying to do their own work at home.

If you have questions or concerns about dry mouth or bad breath, oftentimes a side-effect of certain medications, your dentist can help you find solutions.

An oral health exam and cancer screening every six months can give you peace of mind. It’s all about prevention – even with dentures. So instead of being a “disappearing” denture wearer, call us to make an appointment today. And, if your denture is intact and in good shape, we’ll even give it a free ultrasonic cleaning while you’re here. New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry – your Denture Dentist NH.