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Did you know it’s important for you to clean your denture each and every day? Well, it’s true. Your dentures can harbor food particles, plaque and bacteria which are all substances that can alter your oral health and impact your appliance. Cleaning your dentures effectively is important so here are a few tips about denture cleaning and denture cleaners that we hope will help.

Clean your denture at least once a day and set aside a regular cleaning time to make it easier to remember.  Rinse your denture in cool running water first to remove food particles BUT make sure you don’t rinse over an empty sink!  Fill the sink half way with water so your denture won’t crack if it slips out of your hand.

Use a denture cleaner because it deeply cleans your appliance in ways your denture brush cannot.  The cleaner also eliminates stains and odors and it can keep your appliance moist and in good condition.  Don’t use harsh, abrasive cleansers (like kitchen cleanser or the family toothpaste) – they can scratch and damage the polished surface of your denture.

Denture cleaners are available as gels, creams, solutions or tablets with each type having it’s own benefits.  If you’re unsure which to use and when, talk to your dentist for recommendations since certain dentures may work better with one type of cleaner.  Look for a denture cleaner with the American Dental Association seal of acceptance. This seal means that the cleaner has passed tests that have evaluated for safety and effectiveness.

For most dentures, soaking them overnight in a denture cleansing solution is recommended.  It helps keep your denture correctly wet until you’re ready to wear it the next day. Plus, it gives your gums and mouth tissues a chance to relax and “breathe” while you sleep.

Call New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry today at 603-672-6546 if you have any questions about denture cleaner in Amherst, New Hampshire, or if you’d like help cleaning your dentures.  At your annual denture exam we’ll offer you a complimentary ultrasonic denture cleaning, along with an exam of your mouth tissues and an oral cancer screening.  We’ll also be happy to demonstrate how to effectively clean your dental appliance so you’ll enjoy a clean and healthy mouth and smile.