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Is It Time For You to Get New Dentures?

If you wear dentures in the twenty-first century, you can be thankful that it isn’t 700BC. Back then, if you lost your teeth due to injury, tooth decay, or periodontal disease you were likely to get a new set of dentures made from other human or animal teeth. Even so, modern dentures don’t last forever. Changes to the shape of your gums and jaw, normal wear and tear, or damage to your denture materials can mean it’s time to have new dentures made.

You may need new dentures if you experience any of the following:

1. A loss of vertical dimension. That’s a fancy term that describes a common situation for people who have lost their natural teeth. Vertical dimension is the distance between the tip of your nose and the tip of your chin when you are sitting upright and your jaw is relaxed. You may remember your dentist measuring this when you were originally fitted for dentures. This distance is unique to each individual.
However, once your natural teeth have been removed, the jaw bone can begin to change and deteriorate which alters this distance and alters the fit of your original dentures. Sometimes a dentist can “reline” your old dentures by adding more of the pink denture plastic. However, if this temporary fix doesn’t provide a satisfactory fit, you will probably need new dentures.

2. Wear and tear on denture teeth. Over time, the teeth in your dentures may become worn down, broken or damaged from wear and tear. That can also contribute to a loss of vertical dimension and will make it more and more difficult to eat the things you love. You may also become self-conscious if damage to the denture teeth is noticeable in your speech or when you smile. You will be thankful to have your dentist replace your old dentures with a new set of dentures you can smile about!

3. Denture materials can deteriorate. Modern dentures are very durable. Even so, time and wear and tear can take their toll. Your dentures may become discolored or damaged. As the fit shifts due to changes in your gum and jaw structure, it will be harder and harder to get a proper fit via denture relining or adjustments. More importantly, older dentures can accumulate harmful bacteria that can cause infection, chronic odor, or contribute to disease.

If you wear dentures, please visit us at least once a year so your denture dentist can make sure your mouth is in tip top shape. Your appointment will include a free oral cancer screening and complimentary denture cleaning so your tissues stay healthy, your dentures enhance your smile and your breath remains fresh. Contact us today for your annual denture exam appointment.