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Our patients are having great results from our in-office ZOOM teeth whitening system. One smile comfortably whitened over 10 shades! This time of year with family gatherings and parties, showing a great smile is important. If you’re thinking of getting a whiter smile with a professional whitening treatment from the dentist, here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself before whitening your teeth:

Have your teeth professionally cleaned. This will remove any built-up tartar and calculus that can be difficult or impossible to remove with a toothbrush, especially around the gum line. The whitening gel will then be in direct contact with your tooth enamel for best results.
Become aware of any areas of sensitivity. Professional teeth whitening systems provide a protective barrier that will be placed around your gums, but please discuss any areas of tooth sensitivity with your dentist.
Prior to your whitening session you will have an appointment for impressions for your take-home whitening trays. You will also be given a special toothpaste to use for two weeks to help decrease any tooth sensitivity you may have.
If you have any white fillings or porcelain crowns or bridges, be aware that they will not change color. Sometimes replacement restorations may be needed. Ask your dentist for recommendations.
Observe your teeth for white spots that might indicate demineralization. Be sure to discuss this with your dentist before your teeth whitening appointment.
Read more about teeth whitening on our website page here.
What other questions do you have before whitening your teeth? Are you interesting in learning about our Endless Whitening program with free whitening gel? Considering giving a gift certificate for whitening to someone special? Let us know what you think and we’ll be happy to help.