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About Dental Implants
Dental implants are the state-of-the-art way to replace missing teeth. The entire implant process, from surgery, healing time and placement of the final restoration usually happens in stages over several months. If you’re considering implants, here’s some information about what to expect with dental implant surgery.

Generally, a single implant placement will take about 90 minutes but time will be affected by several factors, including whether an extraction is being done at the same time and the number of implants being placed.

Dental Implant Surgery
Dental implant surgery is typically performed in the dentist’s office. Before beginning, your dental surgeon will completely numb the surgical area using local anesthesia. Once you’re fully numb, the dentist will gently open your gum and prepare the bone for the implant. Implants vary in diameter and length so the right size will be placed and anchored in your jaw. Sometimes additional bone grafting is done to help aid in creating strong bone in the implant area. The gum is then closed and sutured.

Local anesthesia works really well to minimize discomfort. Many patients state they were more comfortable during the surgery than they expected, with less sensation than having an extraction. To help you relax during surgery, you may be prescribed minimal oral sedation prior to your appointment or you can request nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during treatment.

After Dental Implany Surgery
Your implant dentist will go over your post-op care completely. Any discomfort is usually easily treated with simple painkillers like ibuprofen, or something stronger may be prescribed. Antibiotics may be prescribed. Refraining from smoking and a diet of soft foods will help. Going to work the following day should not be a problem but avoid strenuous activity for a week or so.

You’ll likely have a post-op visit within a week to check on your healing. Your gums will heal within a few weeks. The bone will take longer to integrate with your new implant so expect 3-6 months before the next stage. When the implant is ready, the abutment piece will be placed on the implant to prepare for the crown and your restorative dentist will take an impression for the lab. It will take a couple weeks for your beautiful new crown to return from the lab. Your last appointment takes about 30 minutes and you’ll leave with a fully functioning tooth, secure and ready for use.

This short overview gives you an idea of what to expect with dental implant surgery. To learn more or to schedule an implant consultation, contact us today! Enjoy the benefits of having your implant surgeon and your restorative dentist both in one place at New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry. Comprehensive dental care and dental implants in Amherst NH – for your best health and a beautiful smile.