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It’s difficult not to pine for the bright white picture-perfect smiles we see in everyday advertisements and on our favorite television shows. However, white teeth are not just a privilege for the rich and famous. You can have whiter teeth now as well if you just stick to a few pieces of advice and follow up with your dentist.

5 Ways to Get Whiter Teeth Now

Avoid consuming foods and beverages that are known to stain teeth. If you’re wondering how to get whiter teeth, the first place to look is on the table. Did you know that coffee, tea, and red wine are three of your teeth’s worst enemies? Your teeth have a porous protective layer called enamel. The pores absorb elements of whatever you put into your mouth. If they absorb dark colored dyes, it will reflect in dull or stained enamel. Other stain-prone consumables are: dark berries, richly-colored sauces, colas, and sweets. Avoid anything that stains your tongue as it probably stains your teeth too.

Use a Whitening Toothpaste and Whitening Mouthwash/Rinse. Whitening toothpastes are designed to remove more stains than their traditional counterparts. They also include a polishing agent to help your teeth shine brighter. However, they’re rarely able to lighten teeth more than 1 shade, as opposed to your dentist, who has the ability to whiten your teeth as many as 8-shades lighter. Brush and floss regularly for best results.

Over the Counter Whitening Strips. This is a popular and often effective way to lighten your teeth noticeably. Whitening strips are designed to work over 14 days, using them 30-minutes per day. However, most strips just whiten the front teeth and may not get to the spaces between teeth. If you have a wide smile or stains where the strips don’t touch, the end result may not be as good as you imagined.

One-hour Whitening. You can make an appointment with your dentist for this whitening process which uses a light-activated, professional strength whitening gel. It will lighten your teeth several shades and can be repeated during your appointment to reach desired results.

Take-home Whitening Kits. Ask your dentist how to get whiter teeth using a take-home kit. Your dentist will make custom-trays molded to fit your teeth. Using the tray and the dentist-approved whitening gel at home everyday for 2-weeks can often whiten even tough stains and discoloration. It’s easy to get refills for touch-ups when needed for a small additional cost.
Always check with your dentist before trying to whiten teeth on your own. She or he will recommend the best method for you. Don’t forget to brush and floss and have regular professional cleanings with your hygienist!