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Do you or someone you know have a chipped, cracked, decayed, or discolored tooth? Have no fear; get a veneer!


What is a veneer?

It’s a thin layer of porcelain that is made to fit on top of your tooth, like a false fingernail on a nail.


How does it generally work?

First, Hajra Sheikh will expertly remove a very small amount of your natural tooth. Then we will create a mold of your mouth. This is called an impression. Next we will send it to a dental technician who will create a custom-made veneer. Finally, we will adhere the veneer to your tooth with a special durable dental glue. We recommend that after you get a veneer that you avoid food and drink that can stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea and red wine.


What are the benefits of a veneer?

  • A vastly improved smile
  • You lose very little of your natural tooth
  • A veneer protects your tooth from acid rich foods and other potential mouth hazards
  • If your original tooth is strong, a veneer is a better option than a crown (i.e. cap)


To learn more about improving your smile with a veneer, call New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry in Amherst, New Hampshire today! Our phone number is 603-672-6546.