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We just found out that the apartment building that Shanna and her family lived in was involved in the 3-alarm fire last night in Manchester. Apparently the fire was started in another apartment and quickly spread throughout the building. The family of five all got out okay but pretty much everything is lost. They will not have access to their apartment for some time, and even then the smoke and water damage will more than likely make things a total loss. There was no renter’s insurance.

Shanna’s mom has already set up a gofundme account: What they need most now would be money, and a place to live. Her children go to school in Manchester.
The Red Cross has placed the family in a hotel for three days, then they’ll need somewhere to go. We are using our resources to help look for additional options for the family.

Many of you know Shanna as the always-ready and caring assistant for Dr. Amlani. You may think of her giggle, her joy of laughter and her ever-positive outlook. What you may not know is that in addition to her full-time CDA position in the office, Shanna and Mike have five girls ages 3-14, and she has recently started back to school getting her prerequisite courses for becoming a dental hygienist. There is no one more dedicated to her work, the patients, the team and her family than Shanna. And we are dedicated to supporting her, as hard as it always is for her to ask.

If you would like to help support Shanna and her family during this difficult time, please visit the gofundme website and donate. If you have clothing for the kids, sizes are:

Naomi – girls 16 or women’s 5
Kiara – girls 14 or 14 slim pants, and girls 14-16 shirt
Eriyel – girls size 5 pants and 5-6 shirt
Juliyet – girls size 4
Mya – size 2-3T

We’ll take donations at the office as well. Thank you!