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Preventive care is truly the most important dental service you can give yourself. You benefit from having your teeth examined for signs of new cavities or problems with existing fillings or crowns, removing any build-up of tartar or plaque and checking the health of your gums. Since many oral problems start without notice or pain, you’ll be helping yourself to prevent cavities, gum infections, and other dental problems from occurring. And you can catch any small problems before they become larger ones – which saves you time, pain and money.

We hope to be your dental care provider for many years to come. Please contact our office today to schedule your next preventative appointment. And please let us know:

If you have been avoiding treatment because of fear; we’ll explore ways for your visits to be comfortable and anxiety-free.
If you are experiencing financial hardship at this time; we can discuss a variety of options that will enable you to maintain a program of continuing care with us.
If time has been a problem; new appointment hours that start at 7:15 AM may be more convenient for you.
We’re here as your health care partner and are committed to supporting you towards your best health and life. Contact us today. We’ll find a convenient time for your next visit.