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Instructions for a Dental Emergency

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Even if you practice proper dental hygiene, dental emergencies may occur. Our dentists and team stress the importance of knowing what to do in these situations. There are things you can do at home to relieve discomfort and to minimize damage before you see our dentist. In the case of any of the dental emergencies outlined below, come to New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry as soon as possible.



If you are suffering from a toothache, first rinse your mouth with warm water. Then gently floss the area to remove any food that is trapped around the teeth. Use a cold compress to reduce or relieve any swelling. You may take over-the-counter pain medication to relieve discomfort, but do not apply aspirin to the tooth or gums.


Chipped Tooth

If you chip a tooth, clean the area by rinsing your mouth with warm water. Save any tooth fragments in a glass of water or milk and bring them to our office with you. Use a cold compress to reduce any swelling.


Knocked Out Tooth

If a blow to the face or another accident has knocked out one of your teeth, rinse the tooth in water, but do not remove any gum tissue fragments. Try to gently reinsert the tooth into its socket. Do not force it. If you can’t easily reinsert the tooth, store it in a cup of milk or between your cheek and gums. Bring your tooth with you to our office.

We urge you to contact our office at 603-672-6546 as soon as possible if you have a dental emergency to schedule an appointment with our dentist in Amherst, New Hampshire.