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“I want to take care of my children’s teeth first…”

We hear you say that your children’s teeth are important and we agree – they are! But let me share a story about one of our patients. I’ll call her Ann. Ann took over the care of her granddaughter when her daughter could not care for the young girl. The granddaughter needed dental care but did not want to go to the dentist. She asked Ann, “Why are you telling me it’s important when your own teeth are so bad?” Ann said it was a question she couldn’t answer – and she didn’t want to tell her granddaughter that she was afraid of the dentist.

So Ann looked for a sedation dentist Amherst NH, took a leap and gave us a call. She started coming to us for what turned out to be a fair amount of dentistry, using dental sedation for most of it because of the fear she had developed. Ann said she did it for her granddaughter, to teach by her own example how important it is to go to the dentist regularly. But Ann also did it for herself. She felt great (and looked great!) when everything was completed and she had a healthy mouth. We celebrated with her and welcomed her granddaughter as a patient too.

Over and over we have young adults come to us after years without dental care because once they leave home mom isn’t there to make them go to the dentist and they didn’t have strong examples of the importance of caring for themselves. Yes, every situation is different but regardless of your age, if dental fear is holding you back, start your search for a sedation dentist by visiting our website. We are a premier practice of sedation dentists in New Hampshire. Call us today to learn more!

Caring for yourself can be a very strong lesson for children to see and learn.