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“Do you offer free dental exams? What about free dental x-rays? I’ve seen ads on TV.”

We had a caller ask us these questions last week. Although it’s nice to get things for free, it makes us think about what you’re getting in a new patient exam in our office. Our dentists view that first appointment as a very important time to get to know you, what you want for your health, and helping you learn about your teeth and the health of your mouth. It’s the beginning of our professional partnership together when you ask us to provide your oral health care.
Your First Dental Examination
The hour and a half appointment includes 1:1 time with the dentist and a complete and comprehensive exam where you’re involved in seeing everything in your mouth. It includes low-radiation digital x-rays with 20 views of your teeth and jaw bones as well as 17 digital photos of your mouth, teeth and gums – even in the places that are hard for you to see in the mirror. At the end you’ll have an understanding of all that is good in your mouth as well as any areas of concerns that you or the dentist may find. Patients often tell us that they’ve never had such a complete and thorough examination.

Depending on what you and the dentist see in your mouth, you may be asked to return for a 30-45 minute “review of findings” after the dentist has had further time to sit and review your x-rays and photographs. In the review you’ll get to see the photos and x-rays again, together with your dentist, with time to ask questions. Because your dentist has the commitment and takes the time to listen to what you want for yourself, you’ll have treatment options based on that. Then you’re supported in making decisions for your care and having any further questions fully answered.

Yes, we think all of that is worth a fee.

If a complete dental exam and comprehensive dental care is something that you would like for yourself and your family, give us a call. We’re welcoming new patients every day to New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry who want better health and have asked us to help.