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For many people, it’s not uncommon for trips to the dentist to fall further down the `to do` list than some of their other needs. Putting it off may seem harmless at the beginning – for lack of time, lack of thought, worry about finances or fear of the dentist. Over time however, a vicious cycle is created: you avoid going to the dentist, dental problems develop or get worse, dental fear or embarrassment grows, followed by back to avoiding the dentist. If this cycle sounds familiar and you’re ready to become healthier, release your fear of lectures and humiliation and look for a no-judgment dentist.

No one wants to receive scolding or attitude about the condition of their teeth. A no-judgment dentist treats you with the respect and compassion you deserve. It’s a more caring and compassionate approach to treat each patient as a person, knowing who you are regardless of the level of health or disease that may be present in your mouth. In some cases, it may even be discovered that the condition of your teeth is not as bad as you thought.

Start Your Search

Visit and read the websites of several potential dentists. You’ll be able to get a feeling about their values and level of individualized care.
Call the office to discuss your situation and concerns. Compassion and non-judgment should come through in how they speak with you.
Schedule a Meet-and-Greet appointment as your first visit to get a feeling for the office, dentist and team. Because there’s no examination involved you’ll be more relaxed and able to have a good conversation.
Consider sedation options if your fear of the dentist still holds you back. Ask about different levels of sedation for different types of appointments. An office that offers more than one type of sedation may make it easier and more convenient for you.

Do not let a fear of judgment by dentists or others hold you back from getting the dental care you need. A no-judgment dentist in NH will help you develop a more positive outlook about yourself, about dentistry, for caring for your teeth and your overall health.