Dental Anxiety & the Solution

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Do you feel stressed, nervous, or even anxious leading up to or during dental visits? You are not alone! Many people feel some degree of dental anxiety. Some are so nervous that they even avoid going to the dentist altogether. Here at New Hampshire Center for Comprehensive Dentistry, our dentists... Read more »

NH Top Doctor: Dr. Steven Hattamer – Dental IV Sedation

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Before the month is over we definitely have to give a shout-out and congratulations to our own Steven Hattamer, MD, selected as a New Hampshire TOP Doctor in Anesthesiology for 2016. Dr. Hattamer is head of the anesthesiology group Nashua Anesthesia Partners (NAP) and was instrumental in helping to create... Read more »

Oral Sedation Dentists Help You Relax with a Pill

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It’s estimated that nearly 30% of the population is afraid of the dentist. Additional studies have shown that up to 75% adults in the U.S. experience some degree of dental fear. This means that millions of patients across the nation are searching for a way to have their dentistry completed... Read more »

Is Dental Oral Sedation for You?

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If you are anxious or fearful about going to the dentist, now there’s a reason for hope. Imagine that you’re having a stress-free, relaxed experience the next time you visit the dentist! It can all come true with dental oral sedation. What is Dental Oral Sedation? Oral sedation is a... Read more »

Helped By A Sedation Dentist Amherst NH

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"I want to take care of my children's teeth first..." We hear you say that your children's teeth are important and we agree - they are! But let me share a story about one of our patients. I'll call her Ann. Ann took over the care of her granddaughter when... Read more »